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Confused about how to remove toxins from your body?

We live in a world where there are so many choices. Choices of what types of foods we need to eat, what types of foods not to eat, which type of water we should drink (think Flint Michigan water contamination problem that harmed so many people in the community), let alone what types of beauty products we should be using and the list goes on and on...

People will often ask me, how do you remove the toxins I am breathing in and absorbing inside my body? Well the first step I often educate on is to understand how these toxins enter your body and the second step is how to eliminate them so they don't bio-accumulate inside us. Sadly most people don't even know about the dangers of what Roundup Herbicide poison does to ourselves and our families. Roundup Herbicide has been classified as a "Carcinogen", meaning "Causes Cancer". Did you know that only one drop of Roundup Herbicide in an Olympic size pool, can change your DNA and cause damage to your cells. DNA are the genes we inherit from our parents. There are some good DNA genes we want to inherit and some bad DNA genes we don't want to inherit but we really don't have a choice in what we inherit unfortunately. Our ability to remove (detox) toxins from our body known as Methylation, can be part of the genes we can or cannot inherit but remember our genes load the gun but it is the environmental factors that pull the trigger. If we don't have the ability to remove toxins from our body, then the toxins wreak havoc on our immune system and prevent us from the ability to keep ourselves and our families healthy.

Environmental factors like heavy metals can be part of root cause which makes us feel unhealthy. Heavy metals like Mercury often found in old fillings inside our mouth as well as used as one of the preservatives for some vaccines, Cadmium from the soil due to Roundup Herbicide poison which is also found in cigarettes, Aluminum lined inside our pots/pans and even foil that we use everyday to cook food in. The list goes on and on. Living in a world of over 85,000 toxins which the FDA fails to disclose to us, damage our organs as well as wreak havoc on our immune systems and sadly doctors make no mention of this when trying to diagnose why people don't feel well nowadays.

Root cause is looking upstream to heal the downstream symptoms. Step one of any health practitioner should always be looking at what we eat and drink because our brain consumes about 33% of our calories but 100% of the toxins. A point to ponder on my friends...

Interested in learning more? We are here to educate you. Send us an email and we'd be happy to chat :)

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