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Get to the Root of Glyphosate Toxicity and Remove the Toxins Daily

Concerned about Roundup® toxicity that is wreaking havoc throughout the world? While Bayer/Monsanto continues to be found guilty in countless lawsuits, homeowners are still spraying Roundup® on their lawns and farmers are still spraying it on their crops. As a result, glyphosate continues to be found in the foods that we eat every day.

Daily detoxing is now a lifestyle because we must be proactive about our lives and our health. We can no longer sit back and expect that farmers will stop spraying Roundup®… We need to team up together and educate our communities on the dangers of this deadly herbicide. As more and more consumers turn to eating organic off the Dirty Dozen list, we are still exposed to roughly 85,000 toxins daily. That is why detoxing is considered a lifestyle.

Here’s a few very important health and wellness questions:

· Are you uncertain on how to remove toxins from your body?

· Confused on which product to use for elimination and which ones are safe?

· Are you concerned about all the “fake” detox products for sale in the market?

· Do you have heavy metal toxicity, like lead, cadmium, aluminum or mercury?

· Are toxins wreaking havoc in your body?

· Are your suffering from symptoms of brain fog, joint pain or any of the multitude of autoimmune disorders wreaking havoc on our bodies?

· Have you been tested for Roundup® glyphosate toxicity with a leading lab, like Vibrant-America or Great Plains Labs?

The renown Dr. Nikolas Tsirikos-Karapanos, PharmD, MD and PhD, inventor of the worlds only patented zeolite in the world.

Toxins. You can’t smell them. You can’t see them. You just need to get rid of them!


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