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Glyphosate and Gut Bacteria

Judgments continue to escalate against Monsanto, the makers of Roundup®, for the life-threatening health risks associated with this killer chemical. Despite the lawsuits which have already been settled and thousands more on the horizon, Bayer-Monsanto continues to stand by its claim that it does not harm people or pets. New studies, however, are now linking the dangers of glyphosate to the gut microbiome of humans, animals and honeybees.

Glyphosate was originally patented as an antibiotic back in 2003 due to its antimicrobial properties, but these properties have been found to kill important bacteria needed in our intestines, which potentially help to keep dangerous microbes from growing without notice. Studies now show that gut bacteria interacts with the body in complicated processes which can adversely affect our health.

Diseases are on the rise—including obesity, autism, diabetes, dementia and more—all of which have been closely linked to the bacteria in our intestinal tracts. As the sale and use of Roundup® continues to grow—so too does the number of people suffering from these debilitating and life-threatening diseases.

Apart from eating purely organic foods, there is almost no way to avoid the dangers. Because of the increase in genetically modified foods (GMOs)—especially corn and soy which are heavily used in processed foods, the problem is so widespread it is nearly impossible to control.

Meat and dairy animals are fed a toxic diet of GMO corn which builds up in the tissues of these animals and then passed on to humans through the foods we consume. Additionally, Roundup® is making its way into the air we breathe and is present in up to 70% of our drinking water.

It is time to give some serious thought to the way our world is being saturated with this toxic chemical—through the foods we eat and the products we use in our own backyards. Fertilizers, weed killers and gardening products expose your household to glyphosate in a variety of ways, including the simple process of carrying it in on the shoes you wear outside. Even pets can suffer from the poison of this dangerous chemical while simply playing on grass sprayed with Roundup®.

Please give serious thought to this epidemic problem by sharing it with your circle of friends and family, because everyone deserves to know the dangers they may be exposed to on a daily basis. Let’s work together to get this deadly poisonous chemical banned from the marketplace and force Monsanto to put a nail in the RoundUp® coffin—forever.

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