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Check Engine Light – How Healthy is your Immune System?

Your check engine light comes on in your car. What do you do—ignore it, try to fix it

yourself, or take it to a mechanic?

The same thing happens with our bodies—which are often very good at telling us when

something is wrong. Many times, it provides signs and signals to alert us that something

may need a little extra care or attention. Other times, it may be that we need a lot of

extra care or attention. When toxins burden our bodies, they cause all kinds of

illnesses and diseases, including brain fog, gut dysbiosis, and a myriad of

autoimmune disorders.

Unfortunately, some people live in denial and ignore the warning signs. Others rush to

the pharmacy for an over-the-counter fix. Some will go to the doctor and take

prescription medicine—but often the most important focus needs to be looking at

the root cause of the symptoms. There may even be silent issues that do not present

themselves until your annual exam or bloodwork is completed.

It is important to check your engine and be proactive about your health. Be prepared to

learn more than your doctor has ever told you before. Stay ahead of what causes

systemic inflammation that can lead downstream to all kinds of health risks.


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