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Toxins – How to Get Rid of Them

Mercury. It is one of the most toxic heavy metals which can produce harmful effects on your nervous, digestive and immune systems, in additional to your lungs and kidneys— and can even have, in worst case scenarios, fatal effects.

Because mercury affects the central nervous system, it loves the brain. The inhalation of mercury vapors can cause neurological and behavioral disorders—like emotional instability, insomnia, headaches, tremors, memory loss and neuromuscular changes. It can affect your kidneys and your thyroid.

Dentists have been using metal fillings for over 150 years and some people still have old fillings in their mouths—which can “off-gas” or leak out. These metal filings contained mercury, tin and copper and some still do to date. Some vaccines even use thimerosal mercury as a preservative.

Consequently, this toxin can bio-accumulate in the brain over a lifetime—which is why many health professionals, like myself, are encouraging detoxing as a lifestyle.

As a Brain Health Coach certified by Amen Clinics, it is critical that we rid our bodies of toxins—which include heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, mold and viral particles that can linger in our bodies.

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