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A New Year, A New Beginning, Time To Detox For A Healthier You

Have you set your goals for the New Year? Trying to figure out how to start your new goal of eating "Healthier" and "Removing Toxins" from your body? Well a good place to start is by removing herbicides and pesticides from the foods you are eating. Do you know that toxins like Roundup (active ingredient glyphosate) has been classified as a Class II Carcinogen (cancer causing)? Most wheat, soy, grains, cotton, vegetables and fruits have been sprayed with this herbicide. Roundup works by puncturing holes in the bugs gut wall which causes these bugs to die which obviously would keep these pests off of the produce farmers are growing. What most people don't know is that same herbicide they use to spray on crops for bugs, humans are actually ingesting it as well. We ingest this deadly herbicide from the crops that are sprayed and it enters your intestines and pierces holes in the gut wall which then enters your organs and your brain. Yep, your brain... There has been a 300% increase in ADD/ADHD since the mid 1990's which is right about the time Monsanto now owned by Bayer started spraying crops once/twice a year. Everyone eating this conventional produce digests this deadly chemical.

Most parents don't even know about Roundup but they do know that their child's behavior may not be normal.

Do you feel that you have some underlying issue that you can't quiet figure out what is causing you to not quite feel yourself? Have feelings where you can't focus, having digestive issues, anxious thoughts/sad thoughts, skin issues, sleep issues or anything else that can't be pinpointed and your doctor can't tell you why it is happening? Root cause of almost every ailment is linked to systemic/chronic inflammation in the gut which houses about 80% of your immune system.

Detox is now a life style. Removing toxins like herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals from your body needs to be your priority. If you are not removing them, you are bio-accumulating them in your body. This is what leads to systemic inflammation and this is where your New Years starts... Removing the toxins that lead to immune compromise. Start with eating organic off of the Dirty Dozen list and take a look at the Learn How To Detox tab on my website.

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