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A Safe Way To Detox Herbicides From The Body

Tis the season for Roundup and 2,4-D spraying unfortunately. Spring is here which is the good news however with the sunshine and warmer weather comes the planting and harvesting seasons which means farmers are spraying their herbicides and pesticides.

These toxins are all in the air and we can't avoid them and we certainly can't live in a bubble... so what do we do?

Herbicides have been classified as Carcinogens, meaning they may cause cancer and we must remove these water soluble toxins from our body so they do not harm our immune system. For those of you that haven't heard the word "immune system", this is your front line defense to protecting you and your body from toxins that can cause issues and make you sick. How do we know if they are harming us? Well you may not notice at first, but over time, our bodies bio-accumulate these toxins and if we can't remove them, they harm our organs.

Did you know that lead loves the bones. Lead is often found in water pipes, gasoline, old paints, toys from China as well as some foods!! Well if you didn't know that, then don't feel bad because there are many people who don't know this information because their doctors aren't sharing this important information.

How do we remove these toxins effectively as well as safely? Here's short read that explains how to detox daily. If you have further questions, please let us know because our goal is to educate communities and families on the dangers of these toxic chemicals! Please share so we can educate the world together for a healthier us :)

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