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Do you know how to detox from the deadly herbicide Roundup?

So we live in a world that is continually being sprayed with the toxic herbicide Roundup. Roundup was classified as a carcinogen by the WHO which means it causes cancer. It was first patented as an antibiotic which most of us know that long term use of antibiotics wreaks havoc on our immune system. Not only does this toxic herbicide wreak havoc on your immune system, Roundup now owned by Bayer, formerly Monsanto adds a POEA (petroleum based molecule) that increases a plant cell's ability to take up glyphosate ending up in a sad plant. More toxic to our body.

So soil is being sprayed by the farmers who use this deadly chemical and are making our soil (once filled with nutrients) sick which just equates to dead soil. Because this dead soil doesn't contain the nutrients like zinc, manganese, phosphorus and other minerals they used to contain, the plants are sad. People become nutrient deficient and unfortunately end up in a sick care system where they are treated with pharmaceutical drugs with sometimes horrific side effects.

Getting to the Root Cause is looking Upstream so we can Heal the Downstream symptoms. Testing your gut permeability and your glyphosate levels are key to looking for root cause.

There are a few tips on this document that you can do to remove this toxin from your body. Visit, to watch a video that shows how toxins enter your body but more importantly what you can do to eliminate them.

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