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Has your doctor ever mentioned the word "Bile"

Bile, OMG what is it and has your Health practitioner ever mentioned this important word?

Bile is made in the liver through phospholipids. (think of a healthy fat)

It carries toxins like Roundup, 2,4-D, Atrazine and heavy metals such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury and lead (and many more) from phase 1 to phase 2 liver pathways.

Bile is released when you eat foods, particularly fatty foods. It squirts the bile down the bile duct into the small intestines thereby assisting you to dump toxins.

Wow, that’s a lot of information for those of you who did not know what bile was for.

Your bile is important not only because it carries toxins from the liver to the small intestines, but it also helps to digest fats, both good and the not so good. Yep, McDonalds isn’t really a health food and has no nutritional value.

Your Pancreas secretes different fat digesting enzymes as well. Lipase being one of them. However, this is another blog for another time, we don’t overwhelm anyone with terms they may have never heard of.

So What happens when someone doesn’t have a gallbladder? Hmmm...

Well… you still have bile flow trickling, but you for sure want to work on improving the flow, you're just not storing it in an organ that no longer exists.

It’s important to watch the amount of fat you eat because without a good amount of bile, it becomes harder to remove toxins and fats. Remember toxic body burden leads to inflammation and inflammation when it because chronic (having it 24x7) can lead to disease. Root Cause = Fix The Cell

So what supplements can help prevent gallstones (too much calcification and too much stasis of bile in the gallbladder) and assist you with better bile flow? What supplements can help stagnation in the liver due to toxic buildup that places burden on our bodies?

1. Phosphatidylcholine

2. Ginger

3. Dandelion

4. Taurine

5. Glycine

6. Minerals and Anti-Oxidants that support the phases of the liver

Opting for a healthier lifestyle is always best. Adding a few supplements prior to removing any organ from your body would be recommended if you have bile issues and/or liver stagnation.

I would say if your doctor isn’t talking to you about bile prior to removing your gallbladder, you should certainly find a health practitioner who understands the need to keep your bile healthy and actively flowing.

Detox is a life style not an option. You can't detox one day and abuse your body the next day. We are burdened with over 85,000 toxins every day that bio-accumulate in our body and we certainly can’t live in a bubble, even though at times I wished I could.

Email us for the science on ClearDetox Pro, which is only patented (triple patented) Zeolite supplement in the world capable of leaving the gut to remove toxins that burden our bodies.

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