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The Reason We Fail Chronic Disease Cures

Can toxins be the problem to your down stream issues?

So let’s talk Roundup Herbicide Poisoning (active ingredient is “glyphosate”) and how it can harm the body and your major detox organs.

Did you know that your liver is your main detoxification pathway and there are three (3) steps that are important to help remove toxins so they don’t bio-accumulate in the body and brain? Phase 1 in the liver pathway needs certain nutrients. If you are deficient in any of these nutrients, or you have bad genes or possibly you abuse your body with toxins then Liver Phase 1 is a problem. If Phase 1 is a problem then Phase 2 can certainly be a problem. Phase 2 also needs certain nutrients. Again, if you are deficient in any of these important nutrients then your body’s ability to eliminate toxins (take out the garbage) is not working correctly. If you can’t eliminate toxins, then you keep reabsorbing them and reabsorbing is more dangerous than the first time they enter your body.

There are three (3) models of toxicity

  1. Dose dependent – the quantity of toxins you are ingesting.

  2. Buildup model – remember there is no threshold for safe toxin consumption. If garbage comes in, you need to empty the trash or you’re in trouble.

  3. Immune system tolerance – how your body responds to all the toxins that are accumulating that often go unseen.

When is the last time your doctor asked you if you are or have been exposed to toxins? I’m thinking if you are going to a conventional medicine doctor then probably never… If you are not being asked or educated, then you don’t know how your body is reacting until you have been labeled with some type of one of the 100+ auto-immune issues?? Why aren’t these doctors looking at toxins, heavy metals and mold? Do they not know that these toxins can cause emotional issues and auto immune problems? Toxins are mostly unseen! You can’t see them and most of the time you can’t smell them but trust me, we are all exposed to over 85,000 toxins everyday!!! Toxins are in all of us so it’s a matter of getting rid of them!

Stayed tuned for part two, The Kidney's and the Bile being stored in your Gallbladder. Even if you don't have a Gallbladder, you should know this information.

For more information on how to remove these toxins, watch this quick video and contact us at: for a video on how remove toxins is the key to a healthy immune system.

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