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What's in your water?

Have you ever thought about testing your water to see the types of toxins in it? Did you know that heavy metals such as cadmium (Class II Carcinogen/Cancer Causing), mercury (loves the brain), lead w(loves the bones, arsenic (loves the kidneys and liver) and many more heavy metals are found in the water systems?

More importantly, Roundup Herbicide is found in the water and it to has been classified as a carcinogen. If you think about the water issue that happened in Flint Michigan that harmed so many people from toxins found in the water, think about where you live and what's in the water systems. Most people don't even think about testing. They want to trust that all the toxins are being removed from the local water plant. But are they all being removed? Highly unlikely everything is...

And now the horrific train derailment in Palestine Ohio. Those chemicals will never leave the earth's crust and they are unfortunately going to leach in to our water sources. Folks there are already posting pictures and issues they are having physically from being to close or having drank the water. All the water ends up in our aqueducts which is what delivers our water to us. Take a look at this video with Sandra Steingraber:

All toxins make there way down into an aqueduct. Some states have more than others. It's interesting how many people don't know what an aqueduct is. An aqueduct is similar to a water bridge that transports water from place to place. Aqueducts go back to ancient Rome and they were used to supply water to towns. The Acqua Vergine, in Rome, Italy, built in 19 B.C., has been restored several times, but still lives on as a functioning aqueduct.

Most of the environmental toxins like Roundup and Heavy Metals are water-soluble which means that these toxins are absorbed into our bodies and are distributed to several compartments and organs in our bodies. These heavy metals and toxins drive cellular dysfunction and are a contributing factor to why people do not feel well.

Testing your water is fairly inexpensive. You can find more about water testing on under the tab, who we support and then click on the detox project. On their testing tab, you will find at home water testing kits you can buy.

Detox is a life style. It isn't one of those words you'll use once and then forget about it. It is a life style because it is important to remove the toxins you absorb daily. Most people don't even think about toxins from smoke stacks, forest fires, living next to a farmer who sprays herbicides, let alone all the pest companies that spray pesticides just to keep the bugs away (I don't like bugs either but I use a company who uses essentials oils to keep them away). But, all of these toxins end up getting into your body and into your home. They bio-accumulate until they are removed and if your body is burdened, then removing them become much more difficult.

There is a solution, a true break-through supplement that has the science and patents behind it to remove the heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides from the organs in the body that love them. You can find the solution and the science at and you can listen to my talk on "What Is Glyphosate" at the Charleston Utah Organic Workshop

Most doctors don't understand the impact that toxins have on the body. Big Pharma doesn't offer solutions. Most people who do not feel well, feel hopeless because they can't find the support to help them get to Root Cause. Testing is key to Root Cause but if you are not getting the right tests, then you can't get to Root Cause. Looking for additional help? We are here to help you. Send us an email for a free consult to expose the truth about how toxins harm the immune system and how testing can certainly get to Root Cause.

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